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How To Recover Google Account Without Security Question?

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How can you recover Google account without security questions?


We often forget about things that we use most of the times. Like forgetting to switch off the light or dropping keys. Similarly, if you talk about technical things like Gmail that we use daily for exchanging mails. People also forget passwords of their Gmail accounts and then get bothered remembering. If you are also one of those users with weak memory, then you can easily recover your account with recovery methods. But if you don’t have recovery information like security questions, then you can use other two methods. To find out about Google account recovery, tap on below methods.


Steps to recover lost Google account password

  • To start with, tap on the official website of Google
  • Skip to the sign in link and in the log in window, tap on forgot id or password link
  • On the recovery page, you will be given three methods to choose from
  • Since the user doesn’t have security questions option, you can use two other methods
  • On choosing alternate email address, you will get a code on mail.
  • Enter the code and set a new password
  • Similarly if you choose recovery phone number, you will get a code on text
  • Enter the code and set a new password

And your account is retrieved! If you have more doubts, contact customer care.

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