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How Do I Change My Facebook Password on Android?

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Elaborate on how you can change your Facebook password on your android device:

One of the most used social platforms; Facebook has always taken care of the privacy of the users. You can take care of your account by changing the password of your account. If you are unaware of how you can change your password, then you can take the steps mentioned below to change your password.

The process of changing the Facebook password in your android device:

  • The first step is to locate Facebook on your home page and tap to open.
  • Then you will have to log in to your Facebook account. You will have to enter the login information like email address or username in the field on the screen. You will now have to tap on “Log in” to continue.
  • You will have to now go to the account settings. You can do this by clicking on the “More” tab at the top right of the header. You will have to scroll down the menu and choose the “Account settings.”
  • After that, you will have to go in the section of “General settings” menu. You will find this option on the top of the Account settings page.
  • Then, you can change your password. You will have to tap on “Password” on the new screen, and then you will have to enter your current password on the top of the field.

This is how you can change facebook password on android. We hope that the steps, as explained above, are clear to you. If you still have any doubt about this, then you are free to make a call on the helpline number and get in touch with the agents of the customer support team. They will provide you with the best resolution possible for all your concerns. The agents of the customer support team will walk an extra mile to cater to your needs and requirements, if needed.

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